Year Group Data

Each assessment period follows the following format:

Week 1: Each teacher has a day out of class to collate their formative assessments to make a summative judgement. This could involve bringing together children’s profiles of learning, observations, and discussions with support staff and indeed work with individual children.

Week 2: Each year group CAPP (Cohort Assessment and Pupil Progress leader) has a further day out of class to input and analyse their cohort data using ‘Online Primary Progress Toolkit’. CAPPs analyse data to show particular successes and challenges amongst various vulnerable groups i.e. FSM Bangladeshi Boys etc.

Week 3: Each CAPP meets with the Data Leader Hannah Cloke(AHT) who leads the pupil progress meeting. This takes around 3 hours. The CAPP and AHT meet each teacher and look at the data relating to EVERY child in their class. The AHT populates the data analysis cover sheet for the Impact Conversations document that is completed during PPM. Each class teacher has accountability for their own class data and must complete a short narrative and barriers to learning action plan for their class to bring to the PPM. We also look at how success and challenge is spread within a class to find patterns i.e. the lower ability children are making the most progress and the middle ability children, the least. From this, actions are agreed.

Week 4: Each CAPP receives a further day out of class to formulate the cohort action plan. This is then shared with all learning partners for amendments, discussion and breakdown of vulnerability groups.

Week 5: Bankside’s extended leadership team (ELT) and Governing body meet and each CAPP presents their data to the group. Questions are asked of each CAPP to develop further understanding of the wider group.

Please click below to view the presentations for Autumn term

Nursery Nursery Baseline Data Presentation Autumn

Reception CAPP presentation model – dec Baseline Analysis – December progress and attainment Data analysis Dec 15

Year 1 CAPP presentation Autumn Orange Base

Year 2 Yellow Base Autumn 2015

Year 3 Autumn Data Green Base

Year 4 Blue Base autumn presentation 3.11.15

Year 5 Presentation Aut 2015

Year 6 CAPP presentation Violet

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Year 1 CAPP presentation Spring Orange Base

Year 2 Yellow base spring 2016

Year 3 Spring-Data-Green-Base (3)

Year 4 Blue Base Spring presentation 2016

Year 5

Year 6 Data presentation – spring