Whole School data

Standards and Achievements 

We are very proud to present our performance data for the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6 children in Summer 2014), alongside the Early Years and KS1 outcomes.

We are a very diverse school, our children come from many different ethnic groups; often with limited prior experience of school, English as an additional language and many other barriers to learning.

Early years results show in increase to GLD for 2014/15 and progress has been predominantly accelerated for all children.

Key stage 1 results are slightly decreased this year, however this cohort have been on an incredible journey from their entry point in Reception and their progress is accelerated in all areas of learning .

Our Key Stage 2 results show a significant improvement on 2013/14 results and this is testimony of the hard work, dedication and resilience of our children and staff in moving children on in their learning journey.

For further information and more detail please click the links below to view our key phase reports

EY data analysis

Key state 1 data analysis

Pupil Premium Report 2015

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Performance table 2014/15