Policies and procedures

School Policies and Procedures

Bankside Primary School has a wide range of policies and procedures to ensure safe. legal and fair practice for all our stakeholders.  They reflect statutory expectations and are often based on Leeds’ Model Policies, so that Bankside upholds the same processes as all other Local Authority Schools.  They are all ratified by our governing body and, where necessary, adapted to reflect the ethos of school

The policies and procedures provide a framework in which decisions can be made, to standardise the way we work. All policies and procedures are drawn from guidance and good practice established across the UK and reviewed on a periodic basis by the school and approved by the Governing body.

The following are available for you to view and download:

CHESS attendance policy plus Bankside 2014.15

Data Protection Policy

CCTV Policy

BPS Complaints

Charging Policy

Assessment Policy

BPS Initial Teacher Training Policy

Behaviour Learning Policy

SEN Policy

Packed Lunch Policy

Handbook for Educational Visits 

Educational Visits Policy

Educational Visits risk assessments

Guidance for Safer Working Practices 2015