Headteacher welcome

Hello and welcome to Bankside Primary!  Please allow me to show off for a paragraph or two:

My name is Sarah Rutty and I have the great privilege of being the headteacher of Bankside Primary, a school

of over 700 students and 90 staff; all determined to live up to our Bankside best commitment: ‘we expect the

best for you and the best from you’. I believe that this commitment is the foundation of our community of learning and of love.  We are proud of that commitment and of all that we do here.  We are proud to be a place where our children SHINE in all that they do, in the classroom and beyond,

We are proud of our children as learners.  The quality of our children’s learning is demonstrated by the exceptional progress that they make during their time at school.  Last year (Summer 2017), our key stage 2 results placed us in the top 5% of all primary schools nationally for this aspect of learning.  Our year 6 children leave Bankside ready to flourish and thrive as confident learners at High School – and beyond.  We are proud of the numbers of former pupils who are at University, continuing to shine as ‘Bankside best’ superstar learners; building, we believe, on the strong roots for successful learning that we helped them develop during their primary education with us.

At Bankside we are proud that we encourage our children to be LOUD and PROUD.  We are community that encourages everybody to have a voice; to have opinions to share, and to listen actively to the views of others with empathy.  We are loud and proud about our 8 Golden Rules.  These are ‘rules for life and not just for school’; rules that the adult members of the school community also model and follow on a daily basis.  We believe that these 8 guiding principles are the social ‘glue’ holding us together; creating a strong ethos of love, accountability and support  for all, that we believe shines throughout the school.

We are proud of the rich and diverse educational opportunities that we give to our children at Bankside. We have a strong tradition of music and performance, with a well-established choir and end of year production for our budding singers and actors. Weekly class assemblies and festive plays and performances also provide a platform on which our children can shine.  Every child in year 3 learns the guitar and we provide additional tuition for older children who demonstrate talent in this area.  We have recently employed a specialist PE leader to ensure that we continue to build on our brilliant record of success in school and local football leagues (both boys and girls) to create new school sports teams; to ensure that we are fit, healthy and proud to be competitive.

We are proud of all the trips and visitors that are part of our school routine at Bankside.  We want our children to enjoy an exciting range of ‘ins and outs’ across the year. We believe that these are vital opportunities to find out more about the world beyond school; to ensure that our children have happy memories of school, and provide rich experiences to talk and write about.  We also look for every chance to shine as wonderful ambassadors for the brilliant community of LS8 – to use our voices and manners to impress the people we meet.

We are proud of all our hard work to make a big school like Bankside feel like one happy family.   We are proud to know that all our children and grown-ups (in school and at home) value this ‘Bankside best’ effort – and work tirelessly to promote and support it.

Thank you for reading this.  I hope you will feel the passion and positivity that such pride creates here at Bankside when you come to visit us – and want to be a part of it.

Bankside best wishes