Golden Rules



All adults and children in school are expected to abide by our Golden Rules, which are ‘rules for life and not only for school’. Children understand that if the adults contravene these key rules then there would be a consequence for them – so too do adults. The 8 golden rules are:

At Bankside School we… So that…
Make our problems smaller not bigger We can sort them out quickly and feel happy again
Keep safe hands and feet We do not hurt ourselves and other people
Focus not fuss We own our own behaviour
Are honest and tell the truth We can trust each other
Listen to each other We understand each other
Work hard We achieve our Bankside Best
Look after the things in our school We have a pleasant place to learn
Choose our words carefully We show respect for other people.
Are in the right place at the right time We are safe and secure.

At the beginning of the school year each class should discuss rights and responsibilities as part of establishing a class code. These should be made explicit by being displayed in the classroom so that everyone can see them and they can be shared at appropriate times throughout the year. Children must also learn the golden rules at the beginning of the year and revisit them every half term. Children must also learn and know the Bankside Best Commitmentwe expect the best for and from everyone.

Please feel free to download our 8 Golden Rules