EYFS Council

EYFS: Early years foundation stage councillors

You can only be a EYFS councillor if you have been a schools councillor for one year minimum. Children have to apply for the post of the EYFS council ( see the application form). The candidates are interviewed and if successful have to sign the agreement .
A chair and secretary are elected for a term . The Chair’s responsibility is to prepare and organise the agenda. They then lead the meeting every Friday Afternoon 1.15-2.00pm. They discuss areas that they have covered, issues that have been brought up by the youngest children and make suggestions on what we need to do to make sure the youngest children have a voice!
Two EYFS councillors are appointed to each of the early years settings and classes. The main role of the EYFS councillors is to be the voice of our youngest children. EYFS councillors get to know the children from their setting / EYFS class and then carry out activities relating to the focus in the schools council.

A chair and secretary are elected for a term .

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