The curriculum aims of Bankside Primary School are to:

  • ensure the needs of all children are identified and met
  • provide a broad range of learning opportunities that introduce, extend and deepen subject knowledge, understanding and skills
  • ensure learning experiences are purposeful and relevant to the children’s lives whilst raising awareness of personal possibilities
  • ensure the curriculum is appropriately equipped and well resourced
  • provide a curriculum that is informed and updated by constant and regular review and evaluation of achievement
  • use creative approaches that engage and inspire children and families
  • meet the statutory requirements of the most current National Curriculum

We use the following as a basis for our curriculum:

  • New National Curriculum
  • Leeds Agreed Syllabus and other national Agreed Syllabus informs planning and assessment for R.E.

Please click on the documents below to find out more about the curriculum overview for each year group and their learning for the year 2015/16.

Orange Base  – Yr 1 – Aut 1 Yr 1 – Aut 2

Yellow Base – Yr 2 – Aut 1Yr 2 – Aut 2

Green Base – Yr 3 – Aut 1 and Aut 2

Blue Base – Yr 4 – Aut 1 & 2

Indigo Base – Yr 5 – Aut

Violet Base – Yr 6 – Aut