Behaviour Learning


Bankside Primary School Behaviour Learning Policy

At Bankside:
‘We expect the best for everybody and we expect the best from everybody’
This is our ‘Bankside Best Commitment’

The behaviour of children in school is the responsibility of all staff.

We are a “high warmth, low criticism” school. We teach behaviour, just as we do all other subjects in school. When a child has broken a rule – the Bankside way is ALWAYS to ask them first ‘what rule have you broken?’ Adults do not tell children what they have done wrong; children tell the adults. This develops our children’s sense of consequence and accountability.

We all want our children to do well. For some children, their natural sense of achievement reinforces their learning cycle. For others, we need positively to acknowledge their efforts and publicly to share their successes to help them as much as possible. This is all part of an effective, differentiated ‘Behaviour Learning’ approach.

Please click the link below to download of Behaviour learning Policy