Bankside Best

At Bankside we expect ‘The Best For you and The Best From You.’

As a school we look to achieve this in many ways, starting with our Golden Rules:


 We make our problems smaller not bigger

So that we can sort them out quickly and feel happy again

We work hard and try our Bankside Best

So that we can be proud of ourselves and our work

We listen to each other

So that we get things right

We focus not fuss

So that we own our own behaviour

We keep safe hands and feet

So that we do not hurt ourselves and other people

 We are in the right place at the right time

So that we are safe and secure

We choose our words carefully

So that we show respect for each other

We look after our school

So that we have a Bankside Best place to work

We want all our children to be loud and proud. We encourage this though a number of ways including: school council, assemblies and drama performances.


Bankside Best Guiding lights:

Our School Development Plan for 2015/16 includes:

Talk Triggers Learning

Invisible made visible

Good to Outstanding

Back to Basics – New National Curriculum


Ins and out

Assessment without levels

Needs to Nurture /readiness for learning

Emotional Literacy


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