Attendance Expectations

Attendance Policy

Please click HERE to view the Bankside Primary School and 2gether attendance policy

Attendance Expectations

The gates at Bankside Primary School close between 8.50a.m and 8.55a.m.

If you’re child arrives after 8.45a.m they will be late to school, late marks can lead to poor attendance. If the gates are closedIt is the parent’s responsibility to ensure children are at school on time.


If your child will not be attending schooll please inform the school by phone on 0113 3368383 by 9:00am on the first morning of absence.

You can also report absence by visiting the Attendance Team office and speak to Mr Shamsur Rahman or Mr Zakariyya Akhtar.

If no contact is made to school via telephone or at the school office to report an absence, the attendance team will contact you by phone or will do or home visit to get a reason for absence.



If you need to take your child to the doctors or dentists please try to get an appointment before or after school. 

We know this isn’t always possible so please only take your child out of school for the appointment – not the whole day!

We would appreciate it if you come into school to show the Attendance Team your appointment card – Thank you.


Hospital Appointments

We know that you can’t choose these so please just make sure you only take your child out of school for the appointment and return them to school when they have finished.

If you have a letter from the hospital then please bring it in to show the attendance team.


Going Away?

There has been a legislation change on attendance which means holidays can no longer be taken in term time across England.

From 1 September 2013, schools are no longer allowed to authorise any requests for  a child to be taken out of school for a holiday during term time.

No child is expected to be absent from school on holiday during term-time.

We expect that parents will take their child on holiday during the approved school breaks. It should be noted that there are 175 days each year when a child is on holiday from school.

In very exceptional circumstances, and only then if your child has an excellent attendance record (90% or over) the Headteacher may permit up to 10 days absence and this must be requested in advance.

If your child will miss school due to exceptional circumstances during term time, you MUST speak to Mr Shamsur Rahman who can be found at the main office and fill out an exceptional leave request form. The form can be found here: Exceptional Leave Request Form

If you take your child out of school when exceptional circumstances has NOT been granted, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised absence and will be referred to the Leeds City Council School Attendance Service and you as parents may be at risk of a fine. If a request is unauthorised you may be fined, £60 per  parent, £60 per child (for example a family of 4, with 2 parents and 2 children would be fined a total of £240)

You will NOT be given permission if:

  • not classed as exceptional circumstances
  • your child’s attendance is under 90%
  • your child is in Year 2 or Year 6

If you take your child without permission the following could happen:

  • you lose your place at Bankside
  • a fine of £60-120

Should your child be granted exceptional leave your child must return to school on the agreed date. If they do not we will have no alternative but to start proceedings, registering your child as ‘a child missing education’. This could put your child at risk of losing their place in school.

This is line with Bankside and CHESS Attendance policy.

This is line with Bankside and CHESS Attendance policy, and follows 2017 Guidance issued by Leeds City Council regarding pupil movement and school statutory duties.

If your child becomes ill during the school day we will contact you so you can collect them. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE ARE ABLE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU AND HAVE WORKING TELEPHONE NUMBERS FOR YOU.